Friday, January 27, 2012

Kings of Europe Tournament Coverage

Today marks the beginning of a 4-day online tournament in which we will see the best European teams compete for a prize of 2,500 euros. We will be covering every match as they play out, and live blogging the last rounds of the tournament.

After the break, we'll start our coverage beginning with SK vs. exGBT

So stay tuned for a full weekend of top-level LoL tournament play!

You can watch the live stream here.

Group A Game 1: SK vs. exGBT
This game was off to a crazy start from the first minute, with SK taking 3 kills to 2 for exGBT. Kikis on Irelia dominated Volibear in top lane, ending up 5-1 to Voli's 2-5 at the end of the laning phase. Nocturne was able to continually land successful ganks for exGBT, keeping them in the game and allowing them to take an early dragon. However, SK's comp proved to be too much in team fights, allowing them to take 2 dragons and baron, giving them a significant gold lead. The game was close until the end, but a decisive teamfight at exGBT's bottom inhibitor tower allowed SK to finish the game. SK and m5 both have 1 win in the group stage so far.

Group A Game 2: SK vs. mTL
Although SK was able to keep it close up until the midgame with well-coordinated teamplay, the picks were just not in their favor. mTL was able to dominate every lane, including jungle.  Svenskeren's Lee Sin gank on SK's bottom lane completely shut down Tristana's momentum, allowing Sivir to pull ahead in farm. Volibear once again proved to be sub-par top lane, losing the lane and an early tower against Kennen. Ryze was able to completely counter Karthus in mid, picking up early kills and rushing a negatron cloak. With the help of several Lee Sin ganks, Ryze was able to shut down middle as well. The game snowballed into 20 kills to 8, with SK never continuously being cought out of position for teamfights. SK and mTL are both now 1-1, with m5 at 2-0 and exGBT at 0-2.

Group A Game 3: SK vs. m5
This game came down to Alex's pick of Malphite mid to counter Ocelote's Ryze. Alex was able to spam his harass on Ryze while being tanky enough to sustain in lane. Top lane was once again a mismatch with Vlad completely shutting down Cho'Gath, not allowing him to farm early and taking tower kills for his team. Vlad and Malph combined to provide tons of AoE damage and to keep the pressure off of sivir. Graves seemed to mis his targets in teamfights, at one point being constantly kited by a low-hp sona while his team died. m5 once again proved to have the teamplay advantage, and will move on to the elimination stage of the torunament.

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