Saturday, January 21, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 3: SK vs. M5

Sadly I overslept and managed to miss most of game 1, but I can say that I did see a Mordekaiser and 60k gold on one team, so the game must have been pretty epic.

M5 took game 1, meaning SK will be playing for their tournament lives in this next game. Here are the picks for game 2:

SK                                 Moscow Five
Morgana                        Ryze
Sivir                               Taric
Soraka                           Miss Fortune
Renekton                       Shyvana
Udyr                              Gangplank

By most measures, one would say SK outpicked M5. M5 is incredibly strong however, so this should be a great game.

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Update (6:00): GP gets first blood on Renekton with no jungle assistance. Renekton getting completely dominated in top lane. Game pretty close otherwise.

Update (11:45): M5 took first dragon without much resistance, and now has a 2k gold lead. Bottom lane is pretty close, GP still dominating top lane.

Update (13:30): SK takes bottom turret and gets a kill on MF in the process, making up a bit of ground in team gold.

Update (22:00): M5 has continued to pull steadily ahead in gold, taking another dragon since our last update. Renekton is underleveled and very underfarmed in top lane against GP. As I'm typing this Renekton gets ganked successfully by Shyvana and GP, another kill for M5. Kill score is currently 5 to 1.

Update (24:00): SK initiates first teamfight at their blue with a beautiful Morgana ult, but Sivir wasn't there. SK gets wiped 4 to 0 in the fight; M5 takes baron. Looking like M5's game and match at this point.

Update (27:00): SK calls GG at 27:00 after being wiped in another teamfight. I'm starting to doubt if anyone can stop M5 as they've already destroyed Dignitas, meaning TSM is the only team alive in the tournament right now that hasn't been slaughtered by M5 yet.

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