Friday, January 20, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 2: Sypher vs. Moscow Five

We'll be live blogging today's remaining matches as they begin. Sypher and Moscow Five are doing player interviews now, so stay tuned for coverage. Match estimated to begin in 5 minutes.

Moscow Five has already won their first game vs. Dignitas, meaning a win here against Sypher would guarantee them passage to the elimination stage of the tournament.

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Update (Picks): We have our picks for Sypher vs. Moscow Five

Sypher                                  Moscow Five
Vayne                                    Ryze
Janna                                     Sona
Morgana                                Gangplank
Lee Sin                                  Kennen
Riven                                     Shyvana

Update (9:00): Moscow Five is out to an early lead, picking up first blood with a 2-man gank in top lane. Also worth mentioning: M5 is running Kennen as their AD carry. M5 with a 1.5k gold lead

Update (13:30): Moscow Five is showing amazing play, taking dragon and winning the subsequent team fight 5 kills to none. The gold lead for M5 has now pulled ahead to a 7k lead. Kennen has doubled Vayne's CS. Something has to change in a big way soon for Sypher, or M5 will run away with this one.

Update (18:00): Moscow Five just took an uncontested 18-minute Baron. Not sure I see Sypher turning this one around.

Update (22:00): Game over at the 22-minute mark. Moscow Five made that game look more like a pub stomp than a tournament game. The coolest story from this match will probably be how effective AD Kennen was

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