Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kings of Europe coverage - Day 2

We're down to two teams heading into the elimination stage of the tournament today. Those teams are mTL, m5,, and Sypher.

We'll be covering all the games today live, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Game 1 Picks: vs. mTL               mTL
Sivir                    Kog'Maw
Riven                  Lee Sin
Maokai               Sona
Soraka                Ahri
Cassiopeia          Morgana

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Update (6:30): mTL has taken a small lead with a successful level 2 Lee gank on Riven, as well as a kill in mid by Morgana on Cass. mTL was careful to counter-lane Maokai ganks Kog at bot, but heal saves him, making the kill score 2-0 for mTL.

Update (9:00): WickD is just barely winning top lane, taking tower despite being down 1 kill vs. Ahri. A 9 minute tower should establish a bit of map control for CLG. Gold count is 12k apiece, this is a very close game.

Update (13:00): mTL takes first dragon, and Ahri gets another kill on WickD's Riven. mTL has taken a slight need now, 17.5k to 16k. Still haven't seen a focused teamfight. As I'm typing this, mTL demonstrates their map control by taking's blue and giving it to Ahri.

Update (17:45): has a perfectly healthy turret still on bot lane, as they take out mTL's turret, evening up the gold count once again. mTL finally gets a successful gank on Cassiopeia, tower diving and barely surviving the damage on both Lee and Morgana. Advantage mTL on top and mid lanes, but is dominating the crucial bottom lane with their Sivir/Soraka.

Update (21:30): mTL barely wins a teamfight in mid 2 kill to 1, and proceeds to take dragon. CLG answers back with a tower kill in mid, shrinking mTL's fleeting gold lead to just 1k. is putting a lot of pressure on mTL's mid lane and I would say they currently have map control, with Maokai hunting mTL's wards with oracle.

Update (37:00): This game has remained close all the way to the late game, with the gold score at 48k to 44k in mTL's advantage. Baron is currently up, and at this point it's a matter of who can take the edge in teamfights. 

Update (40:00): CLG initiates beautifully with Cass' ult hitting 4 people in the brush to the left of mid tower. The teams trade 1 kill each and once again begin their stalemate around Baron.

Update (42:30): CLG picks off Morgana on a failed initiate, proceeding to kill Lee as well and takes Baron uncontested. The gold is about even at 53k apiece, with CLG having the overall advantage once again thanks to Baron buff. CLG also ahead on tower kills by 1.

Update (45:00): Froggen just hit another incredible max-range ulti, stunning 3 mTL players and easily wiping the teamfight, 3 to 0. A 5-2 man advantage is enough for CLG to push quicky up the middle and finish the game.

Game 2 Picks: vs. mTL

Sona                       Riven
Ahri                        Kog'Maw
Graves                    Janna
Nocturne                Alistar
Kennen                   Anivia

We get to see Froggen's Anivia this game, should be fun!

Update (3:00): Snoopeh proves how strong his jungle Alistar is by scoring first blood on a gank on Sona at bottom lane. Nocturne fails to even egg Anivia on his gank in mid, putting up to the slight lead with first blood.

Update (9:00): A very close trade just went down in mid lane, with Anivia killing Ahri but getting egged just in range of her tower, dieing right at the last tower shot. Kill score is currently 3 to 1 in favor of

Update (13:00): Anivia trades another 1 to 1 kill on Ahri on Nocturne's attempted gank on the blue bird - not especially great for Anivia since Froggen actually went Mejai's, and he isn't able to build any stacks on it.

Update (15:00): Ahri finally manages to kill Anivia without dying herself, although in the meantime CLG used the distraction to take an uncontested dragon. CLG now has a little over a 2k gold lead at about 20k to 18k.

Update (24:00): mTL takes Baron with 3 men uncontested. I'm a little shocked at this, but apparently CLG didn't ward it early enough and mTL was willing to take a big risk which ended up paying off. CLG's gold advantage has been completely erased.

Update (27:30): mTL pushes into a forced fight at bot lane, doing their best to make use of Baron buff. They manage to take a 3v1 at at the inner bot tower, an insanely aggressive yet successful dive in favor of mTL. CLG responds by getting to dragon in time to take it away from mTL. Another teamfight immediately breaks out after CLG takes dragon, with mTL taking 2 kills to 1 and stealing CLG's blue.

Update (36:00): mTL takes dragon and CLG's blue, continuing their dominance in map control. Snoopeh gets a great initiate on mTL, picking one off and immediately shifting the game's momentum in to a 5v4 situation, moving to force Baron. Right when mTL starts to move to stop baron, CLG pauses the game because Froggen couldn't move. After about a minute they restart the game, with CLG wiping mTL's attempt to stop Baron. Interesting to see if that pause will cause any drama at the end of this game.

Update (39:00): CLG dives mid turret with Baron buff, wiping mTL 4 kills to none. Gg wp is called, seems like the Anivia pause was pretty much justified and we'll have an m5 vs. finals on Tuesday. 

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