Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gameplay changes in Ziggs patch

Riot revealed today some of the major changes on the way in the upcoming Ziggs patch. Below is the patch preview.

In summary, there are a few big tweaks to a few champions, including a significant nerf to one of the most used junglers, Lee Sin. Lee Sin is now getting less of an AS bonus from his passive and resonating strike does less execution damage.

Jax is receiving what I think is a significant buff, which frankly he's needed after his rework. He can now activate the stun on counterstrike early, rather than waiting for the dodge effect to wear off before stunning.

My thoughts: Both changes were needed at least somewhat, although frankly it's too early to say whether the Lee Sin changes were appropriate before seeing him in action with the nerfs. He should be slower at clearing jungle now and an all-around less effective ganker. I personally prefer GP anyway, so luckily I won't have to rage this patch. The Jax buff is a great change, as it will give Jax players more utility and decisionmaking integrated into their gameplay. He also effectively has an immediate AoE stun, which should make him more useful in late-game teamfights.

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