Thursday, January 19, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 1: TSM advances, SK to play Curse

TSM just advanced from the group stages following a surprisingly one-sided match against SK gaming. Reginald's Sion was able to shut down LeBlanc's farm in the middle, with the bottom lane being equally successful in favor of TSM. We also got to see TheRainMan's Teemo and a jungle Rammus on the side of TSM. 

TSM managed to get a fast baron, and snowballed from there, taking another baron after sniping a few SK champions. Irelia managed to farm enough for SK to snag a few champion kills at the end, but it wasn't enough to stop the constant push of TSM.

SK will now play against Curse in a game that will decide who will advance and who will fall out in the group stage. This is an especially crucial game for Curse, since they still need the ranking points to qualify for the IEM grand finals.

I'll be live blogging SK v. Curse, so stay tuned over the next hour or so

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