Tuesday, March 6, 2012

IEM Hanover Live Coverage - Day 1

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship has begun, and we're already well on our way to determining which teams will advance out of group A!

Updated Standings, Group A:
aAa - 3-0
Dignitas - 3-1
Fnatic - 2-2
CLG - 2-1
Alternate - 1-3
Millenium - 0-4
Spoiler - For Final Group A Standings, click "Read More" and scroll to the end of this post

Group A, Game 7: Dignitas vs. Millenium

18:00: Dignitas has a significant lead at the moment, taking first dragon and leading in kills 7-3. As far as map control is concerned, each team has a tower. Dignitas leads gold 28k to 22k.

28:00: Dignitas wins a fairly straightforward, one-sided game over Millenium, putting them at 3-1 in their group.  We'll get new group standings in the next update, so stay tuned!