Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kings of Europe Finals: m5 vs. CLG.eu

The final two remaining teams in the Kings of Europe LoL tournament face off today, for what is sure to be a close and exciting match.

CLG.eu, the much-hyped counterpart to the prominent North American team, would be the first team to take out m5 in a large tournament if they were to win. m5 will look to retain their recent dominance, brought about by their aggressive counter-jungling strategy.

We will be live blogging the entire match, so click "read more" for live updates!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gameplay changes in Ziggs patch

Riot revealed today some of the major changes on the way in the upcoming Ziggs patch. Below is the patch preview.

In summary, there are a few big tweaks to a few champions, including a significant nerf to one of the most used junglers, Lee Sin. Lee Sin is now getting less of an AS bonus from his passive and resonating strike does less execution damage.

Jax is receiving what I think is a significant buff, which frankly he's needed after his rework. He can now activate the stun on counterstrike early, rather than waiting for the dodge effect to wear off before stunning.

My thoughts: Both changes were needed at least somewhat, although frankly it's too early to say whether the Lee Sin changes were appropriate before seeing him in action with the nerfs. He should be slower at clearing jungle now and an all-around less effective ganker. I personally prefer GP anyway, so luckily I won't have to rage this patch. The Jax buff is a great change, as it will give Jax players more utility and decisionmaking integrated into their gameplay. He also effectively has an immediate AoE stun, which should make him more useful in late-game teamfights.

Kings of Europe coverage - Day 2

We're down to two teams heading into the elimination stage of the tournament today. Those teams are mTL, m5, CLG.eu, and Sypher.

We'll be covering all the games today live, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Game 1 Picks: CLG.eu vs. mTL

CLG.eu               mTL
Sivir                    Kog'Maw
Riven                  Lee Sin
Maokai               Sona
Soraka                Ahri
Cassiopeia          Morgana

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Riot reveals new champion: Ziggs

Riot just released more detail on the champion they had been hinting at earlier this week. As expected, he seems to be a new AP carry focused especially on skillshot techniques.

Passive: Every 12 seconds, Ziggs' next attack deals bonus magic damage. This cooldown is shortened by each use of an ability.

Bouncing Bomb (Q): Skillshot that bounces and does magic damage

Satchel Charge (W): Throws a bomb that detonates after 4 seconds, or by activating the ability again. 
Explosion deals damage and knocks enemies away. Ziggs is also knocked away if near the explosion, but does not take damage.

Hexplosive Minefield (E): Scatters multiple mines that explode upon enemy impact, dealing damage and slowing.

Mega Inferno Bomb (R): Long range AoE nuke. Enemies closer to the center of the blast take increased damage.

Riot's entire write-up on Ziggs can be read here.

Kings of Europe Tournament Coverage

Today marks the beginning of a 4-day online tournament in which we will see the best European teams compete for a prize of 2,500 euros. We will be covering every match as they play out, and live blogging the last rounds of the tournament.

After the break, we'll start our coverage beginning with SK vs. exGBT

So stay tuned for a full weekend of top-level LoL tournament play!

You can watch the live stream here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CLG.eu scrimming M5 now on Saintvicious stream

It'll be interesting to see how CLG.eu, who wasn't present at IEM Kiev, fares against M5. We won't be live blogging this one, but I encourage everyone to watch as it should be a close match.

CLG.eu has Taric, Sivir, Trynd, Alistar, and Morgana; M5 has Yi, Brand, Sona, Miss Fortune, and Vlad

Head over to Saintvicious' stream to watch

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow our Ladder progress with the Dojo Stream

Soon you will be able to follow The LoL Dojo's progress on the ladder upon the launch of our new own3d.tv stream! We are currently in the process of setting up and organizing our live stream, which will broadcast daily and include special events, such as community games and viewer requests.

Another interesting bonus of our new stream will be your ability to track our progress on the ladder, starting at 1400 elo and (hopefully) climbing all the way to 2k! It will surely be a long and arduous journey, so be sure to tune in for our regular ranked game broadcasts.

A link to our stream will be coming shortly. In the meantime, be sure to enjoy our continued updates and coverage of the LoL scene!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riot hints at new Champion

The devs over at Riot Games have just teased a new champion on the main site. And it's a yordle.  "Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert" will be the newest champion gracing the fields of Summoner's Rift starting next week.

While little information has been released thus far, I'm assuming we have some sort of AP champion on our hands. Riot describes Ziggs as a "turbulent technician with a propensity for pyrotechnics".  I'm hoping this means we get a new full AP carry heavy on technical play, sort of like Orianna without the support utility. We should find out later in the week when the champion's mechanics preview is released.

You can see Riot's champion sneak peek here.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

IEM Kiev Finals: TSM vs. M5 Game 3

Here are the picks.

Moscow Five                TSM
Sona                             Lee Sin
Mordekaiser                 Karthus
Kennen                         Alistar
Shyvana                        Sivir
Skarner                         Irelia

Irelia vs. Shyvana in top lane again, as it was in game one. We have some interesting differences from that game however, with Ali able to keep Shyvana off of TSM's carries and Karthus always godlike if it gets to late game and he gets farmed.

Click "Read More" for live updates

IEM Kiev Finals: TSM vs. Moscow Five

This is the match everyone has been waiting for.

Both teams have shown impeccable play thus far in the tournament. Neither team has lost a map. That's about to change.

Moscow Five's strongest point is their teamplay and execution, never missing a beat in a gank or teamfight. TSM is notorious for their aggressive play centered around Reginald's mid lane. If TSM is to defeat the Russian team, they will need to be careful not to overextend and get stuck in traps and uncomfortable situations.

Reginald's also been hinting at a new AP champion he'll pull pull out against M5. I'm really hoping to see what he has planned.

Game 1 Picks

TSM                     Moscow Five
Sona                     Shyvana
Irelia                     Taric
Graves                  Kog'Maw
Skarner                 Lee Sin
Cassiopeia             Galio

IEM Kiev Day 4: SK vs. Dignitas

Here we are on the final day of IEM Kiev, up bright and early for the 3rd place match between SK and Dignitas. 4th place is never remembered in tournaments, so both these teams are vying both for money and pride.

SK was looking like the stronger of the two teams yesterday, with Dignitas' laning being completely shut down against TSM in both games. SK was at least able to have a respectable showing in the first game against M5.

I'll be updating this post with picks as we get closer to starting (in about 15 minutes), and we'll be live blogging the games all throughout the day.

Game 1 Picks

Dignitas                   SK
Lee Sin                   Sona
Tristana                  Morgana
Leona                     Caitlyn
Pantheon                Maokai
Jarvan                    Tryndamere

Saturday, January 21, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 3: TSM vs. Dignitas

The final match of the day is an all-American affair between Team SoloMid and Team Dignitas. TSM is the favorite going into this one at a higher bracket seed. The winner will move on to play Moscow Five in the finals tomorrow.

Here are the picks for Game 1

Team SoloMid               Team Dignitas
Sona                              Nunu
Lee Sin                          Sivir
Graves                           Skarner
Irelia                              Rumble
Cassiopeia                     Veigar

So we get to see some high-level Veigar play. Nunu-Sivir is also a great combo for bottom. I'd say picks are pretty close.

Click "Read More" for live updates

IEM Kiev Day 3: SK vs. M5

Sadly I overslept and managed to miss most of game 1, but I can say that I did see a Mordekaiser and 60k gold on one team, so the game must have been pretty epic.

M5 took game 1, meaning SK will be playing for their tournament lives in this next game. Here are the picks for game 2:

SK                                 Moscow Five
Morgana                        Ryze
Sivir                               Taric
Soraka                           Miss Fortune
Renekton                       Shyvana
Udyr                              Gangplank

By most measures, one would say SK outpicked M5. M5 is incredibly strong however, so this should be a great game.

Click "Read more" for live updates

Friday, January 20, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 2: M5 vs. aAa

We're down to the (tentatively) last two games of the day. I say tentatively, because there is a great likelihood we may see a 3-way tie for either first or second place after these games.

If Moscow Five and Sypher both win, M5 will advance with a 3-way 1-2 tie for second place.

If aAa and Dignitas both win, we will have a 3-way 2-1 tie for first and second place.

Here's to hoping one of those two situations plays out. Here are the picks for aAa vs. M5:

aAa                          Moscow Five
Graves                     Sona
Skarner                    Galio
Cassiopeia                Lee Sin
Riven                        Kog'Maw
Taric                         Irelia

Click "Read more" for updates

IEM Kiev Day 2: Dignitas vs. aAa

Dignitas currently stands at 0-1, aAa 1-0. Personally, I'm hoping Dignitas can pull this one off because it would keep a bizarre 1-2 tie scenario alive, so we could possibly see more games today.

Here are the picks

Dignitas                           aAa
Nunu                              Shaco
Sivir                               Swain
Maokai                          Vayne
Rumble                           Lee Sin
Karthus                          Taric

The picks look pretty even to me. Click "Read more" for live blogging updates

IEM Kiev Day 2: Sypher vs. Moscow Five

We'll be live blogging today's remaining matches as they begin. Sypher and Moscow Five are doing player interviews now, so stay tuned for coverage. Match estimated to begin in 5 minutes.

Moscow Five has already won their first game vs. Dignitas, meaning a win here against Sypher would guarantee them passage to the elimination stage of the tournament.

Click "Read More" for live updates

Thursday, January 19, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 1: SK vs. Curse


Lee Sin

Update (2:00): Curse pulls out to an early lead, as they ambush an attempted jungle invasion by SK, scoring two kills to one including first blood.

Update (13:00): First team fight breaks out around second dragon spawn. SK manages to catch Galio out of position, picking up 2 kills to none. SK picks up dragon as well and pulls out to a small lead.

Update (23:00): SK continues to pull steadily ahead, taking 4 kills to none at dragon, despite having dragon stolen by Lee Sin's smite. SK has now killed 6 turrets to Curse's 1.

Update (27:00): SK takes the first baron of the game after picking up a few more kills. SK now ahead by 7.5k gold. Hard to see Curse coming back at this point.

Update (30:00): SK wins in a pretty methodical, one-sided game. Although both teams have qualified for the IEM Grand Finals in Germany, SK will join TSM in advancing to the elimination stage of IEM Kiev.

IEM Kiev Day 1: TSM advances, SK to play Curse

TSM just advanced from the group stages following a surprisingly one-sided match against SK gaming. Reginald's Sion was able to shut down LeBlanc's farm in the middle, with the bottom lane being equally successful in favor of TSM. We also got to see TheRainMan's Teemo and a jungle Rammus on the side of TSM. 

TSM managed to get a fast baron, and snowballed from there, taking another baron after sniping a few SK champions. Irelia managed to farm enough for SK to snag a few champion kills at the end, but it wasn't enough to stop the constant push of TSM.

SK will now play against Curse in a game that will decide who will advance and who will fall out in the group stage. This is an especially crucial game for Curse, since they still need the ranking points to qualify for the IEM grand finals.

I'll be live blogging SK v. Curse, so stay tuned over the next hour or so

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

eSports Watch: IEM Kiev begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the start of the Intel Extreme Masters Challenge circuit stop in Kiev. Eight teams will meet to vie for critical ranking points in the last opportunity to qualify for the IEM world championships. The Eight teams are:

Group A
SK Gaming
White Lotus
Team SoloMid

Group B
Against All Authority
Moscow Five
Team Dignitas

I personally would predict SK and TSM to move on from group A, with AAA and Dignitas moving on from group B. Coverage of the event will begin tomorrow, as well as a link to the stream. Be sure to stay tuned!

The event site can be found here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Champion Review: Sejuani

For our first ever Champion Review, we look at Sejuani, The Winter's Wrath.

Class: Solo Top / Jungle
Role: Tank, Disruption, Crowd Control
Frost (Passive): Basic attacks slow enemy movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds

Arctic Assault (Q): Charges forward, damaging and applying frost to enemies in your path. The charge will halt upon contact with the first enemy champion.

Northern Winds (W): Aoe storm surrounds Sejuani, dealing damage every second. Deals increased damage to enemies effect by Frost or Permafrost

Permafrost (E): Sejuani converts Frost on nearby enemies to Permafrost, dealing magic damage and reducing movement speed dramatically

Glacial Prison (R): Ranged skillshot, stunning the first enemy champion hit. Nearby enemies are also stunned for a shorter duration.

Sejuani is a very durable champion, capable of handling enemy carries in teamfights without fear of dieing.  Frozen Mallet is a must, as in addition to it's added survivability, the slow stacks with Frost and Permafrost. As may be obvious, Sejuani's main goal is to keep vital enemy targets slowed. This also allows Sejuani to function as a gank-reliant jungle champion. With charge and permafrost, Sejuani retains exceptional power to single out an overextended champion and keep it from reaching the nearest tower. However, a jungle Sejuani relies heavily on ganks, as her abilities are not optimal for clearing jungle minions. Her ability to gank and durability combine to make her an exceptional counter-jungle choice.

In the right hands, Sejuani is a very powerful choice. Her greatest strength is her ability to initiate, and remain locked on enemy carries to keep the focus off higher priority targets on your team. Her aoe stun serves as great cc, and combined with her tankineness, it makes Sejuani an exceptional counter to champions such as Katarina and Tryndamere.

Damage: 6/10
Ganking: 8/10
Slows and Stuns: 10/10
Jungling Speed: 6/10
Counterjungle: 7/10

Jungle Rating: 37/50

Solo Top
Damage: 6/10
Sustain: 6/10
Tankiness: 9/10
Crowd Control: 10/10
Initiate: 10/10

Solo Top Rating: 41/50

Riot's Sejuani Champion Spotlight:

First Post

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In addition to our general coverage, you will be able to witness the ranked career of myself, Kunfo, first hand. I'll be starting at 1400 (my ranking today) and end up, well, hopefully higher than that. 

So be sure to follow us, bookmark this page, and stay tuned for champion reviews and guides, tournament reporting, and any other type of content you might request. You can follow us on twitter @KunfoLoL. Stay tuned, our stream will come soon.