Friday, January 20, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 2: M5 vs. aAa

We're down to the (tentatively) last two games of the day. I say tentatively, because there is a great likelihood we may see a 3-way tie for either first or second place after these games.

If Moscow Five and Sypher both win, M5 will advance with a 3-way 1-2 tie for second place.

If aAa and Dignitas both win, we will have a 3-way 2-1 tie for first and second place.

Here's to hoping one of those two situations plays out. Here are the picks for aAa vs. M5:

aAa                          Moscow Five
Graves                     Sona
Skarner                    Galio
Cassiopeia                Lee Sin
Riven                        Kog'Maw
Taric                         Irelia

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Update: It appears there is some sort of mechanism based on the time of the games that will act as a tie-breaker in the event of a 3-way tie. So I don't think we'll be seeing any more games today after this

Update (10:00): We have a very close game so far, with the gold almost exactly even at two kills apiece. Currently the teams are stalemating around dragon. Apparently Dignitas is winning their game, so if aAa wins this we could have some drama in determining who moves on in the tournament. (As I typed this M5 took dragon, and therefore a small gold lead over aAa).

Update (13:30): aAa executes two beautiful ganks to equalize the game gold-wise, and takes the lead in kills by 3 over M5.

Update (18:30): Dignitas won their game fairly quickly against Sypher, meaning if aAa loses it will be Dignitas and Moscow Five moving on. If aAa wins, I'm not even sure what will happen. Meanwhile, aAa vs. M5 remains close, with M5 retaining a gold lead of 30k to 26k.

Update (26:00): M5 wins a big teamfight 4-0 at dragon, proceeds to skip dragon and head straight to baron. Graves fails to steal Baron, and dies in the process of trying. M5 pulling away to about a 10k gold lead. aAa still in it, but not by much.

Update (32:00): M5 pushing into aAa's base now, with top and mid base turrets both down. Looking like M5's game, would take a miracle for aAa to come back from this.

Update (35:00): M5 wins the game at around the 35 minute mark. Dignitas and M5 will advance to the elimination round with SK and TSM.

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