Saturday, January 21, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 3: TSM vs. Dignitas

The final match of the day is an all-American affair between Team SoloMid and Team Dignitas. TSM is the favorite going into this one at a higher bracket seed. The winner will move on to play Moscow Five in the finals tomorrow.

Here are the picks for Game 1

Team SoloMid               Team Dignitas
Sona                              Nunu
Lee Sin                          Sivir
Graves                           Skarner
Irelia                              Rumble
Cassiopeia                     Veigar

So we get to see some high-level Veigar play. Nunu-Sivir is also a great combo for bottom. I'd say picks are pretty close.

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Update (3:30): TSM gets first blood at bot, and is severely out-csing Dignitas all around. Lee Sin is doing a good job counter-jungling for TSM as well, stealing Skarner's red.

Update (6:00): TSM is already out to an 8k to 6k gold lead. For an example of how TSM is dominating cs, Cass has 61 cs to Veigar's 29.

Update (9:00): TSM gets 2 successful ganks and is already at a 4.5k global gold lead over Dignitas, which is huge for this early in the game. Dignitas needs to get some team objectives or ganks to shift the momentum of this game.

Update (15:00): Dignitas tries to start a teamfight at dragon with a Skarner pull, but Reginald replies with two immediate kills. TSM picks up another kill in cleanup and proceeds to pickup dragon. TSM's gold lead is nearly at 10k now.

Update (19:00): A very fed Graves just autoattacked Sivir to death. At her tower.

Update (25:00): TSM has now taken all inner turrets, and is ahead in kills 14 to 1.

Update (27:00): TSM has middle inhibitor down and is ahead by more than 20k gold. Dignitas should start strategizing for the next game, because this one is a lost cause.

Game 2 picks

Team SoloMid                 Team Dignitas
Sivir                                 Maokai
Sona                                Corki
Cassiopeia                       Alistar
Gangplank                        Ryze
Teemo                             Irelia

Update (7:30): Dignitas fails a gank on Cassiopeia in middle, Reginald picks up first blood and Gangplank gets there in time to allow Cass to get away. Gangplank continues to counterjungle IwillDominate.

Update (10:30): TSM takes an uncontested dragon and pulls out to a 3k gold lead. Dignitas attempts a gank on TheRainMan but he manages to get away.

Update (11:30): Dignitas finally gets a successful gank on Reginald, although he gets a kill in return for a 1-to-1 kill trade. TheRainMan takes the first tower at top.

Update (13:30): TSM continues to counterjungle Maokai, killing him in jungle and stealing Dignitas' blue.

Update (16:00): TSM completely dominating this game as well, ganking Corki at bottom and picking up 2 more kills for Reginald in middle.

Update (23:00): TSM continues to push and has 6 towers down at the moment. Dignitas keeps trying to gank Reginald, but keeps losing champions of their own in the process. Not the kind of trading they need to be doing to come back in this game.

Update (25:00): TSM takes 4:0 in a teamfight and heads back to take Baron. Virtually impossible for Dignitas to come back at this point; TSM has a 44k to 28k gold advantage.

Update (28:00): Nexus goes down, Dignitas calls GG and "please beat the Russians". I don't know about you but I'm really hyped for the TSM vs. M5 tomorrow.

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