Sunday, January 22, 2012

IEM Kiev Finals: TSM vs. Moscow Five

This is the match everyone has been waiting for.

Both teams have shown impeccable play thus far in the tournament. Neither team has lost a map. That's about to change.

Moscow Five's strongest point is their teamplay and execution, never missing a beat in a gank or teamfight. TSM is notorious for their aggressive play centered around Reginald's mid lane. If TSM is to defeat the Russian team, they will need to be careful not to overextend and get stuck in traps and uncomfortable situations.

Reginald's also been hinting at a new AP champion he'll pull pull out against M5. I'm really hoping to see what he has planned.

Game 1 Picks

TSM                     Moscow Five
Sona                     Shyvana
Irelia                     Taric
Graves                  Kog'Maw
Skarner                 Lee Sin
Cassiopeia             Galio

Update (5:00): TSM is doing slightly better in lane right now, ahead by about 200 global gold. Nothing too exciting has happened yet; the two teams seem pretty evenly matched.

Update (10:00): M5 ganks Reginald in middle and kills him and Rainman in the process, losing one of their own for a 2 to 1 kill trade. M5 now just barely ahead in gold.

Update (11:30): M5 takes dragon and has some serious ward control across the jungle. M5 now in the gold lead by a little more than 1k.

Update (19:00): TSM manages to steal dragon and escape from the ensuing teamfight having only lost 2 kills in the process. Pretty even trade, M5 still ahead in gold by a little more than 1k.

Update (23:00): TSM has lost a few unanswered kills and a tower to M5. TSM down in gold by about 5k now. Need to turn this around before M5 keeps snowballing.

Update (25:00): TSM Skarner pulls Kog'Maw and easily kills him, picking up a free dragon afterwards, cutting the gold lead to 3k.

Update (27:00): M5 picks up a contested Baron, trading 3 for 3 kills in the teamfight afterwards. 4 to 0 in turrets right now for M5, but still close enough for TSM to come back.

Update (29:00): M5 takes 5 kills to 2 as well as inner turret at bot. They're starting to get their characteristically unbeatable look about them. Still possible for TSM to come back, but looking less and less likely every team fight.

Update (33:00): M5 takes a free, uncontested Baron and now has a huge lead over TSM. Looking unlikely that TSM will be able to overcome it in this game.

Update (35:00): M5 aces TSM in their base and will go on to win game 1 of the finals. Hoping to see Reginald break out his secret strat next game.

Game 2 picks

TSM                    Moscow Five
Sona                    Shyvana
Lee Sin                Nunu
Cassiopeia           Mordekaiser
Sivir                     Irelia
Tryndamere          Kog'Maw

This game is going to come down to how Shyvana does in jungle.

Update (2:00): AMAZING start for TSM! They pick up first blood for Sivir as well as killing nunu for tons of assists and gold right off the bat. TSM needs to capitalize on this start immediately. Regi takes blue buff and is in good shape to counter Morde in mid.

Update (5:00): Reginald goes after Morde hard and takes him down with a flash chase into an ignite, Shyv comes to help against Regi but cant save Morde. TSM now up 3 kills to 0 on M5.

Update (11:00): TSM is dominating this game. They successfully prevented M5 from getting dragon in a 4v5 teamfight, picking up 1 kill to 0. Meanwhile RainMan continued to farm top and even pushed down the first top tower.

Update (16:00): TSM is up by 6k gold early in the game and retains a dominating position, 3 towers to none and 5 kills to none. This could be the first map M5 drops of the tournament.

Update (19:30): TSM wipes M5 4 kills to 1 at dragon and heads immediately for Baron. TSM takes Baron uncontested and now have a HUGE gold lead over M5, 32k to 21k globally.

Update (24:00): TSM is picking up kills and towers one after another at this point. M5 isn't just losing this game, they're getting completely rolled. The big question is, will TSM be able to repeat this performance without picking up two early jungle kills next game?

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