Friday, January 20, 2012

IEM Kiev Day 2: Dignitas vs. aAa

Dignitas currently stands at 0-1, aAa 1-0. Personally, I'm hoping Dignitas can pull this one off because it would keep a bizarre 1-2 tie scenario alive, so we could possibly see more games today.

Here are the picks

Dignitas                           aAa
Nunu                              Shaco
Sivir                               Swain
Maokai                          Vayne
Rumble                           Lee Sin
Karthus                          Taric

The picks look pretty even to me. Click "Read more" for live blogging updates

Update (15:00): aAa has a slight lead, 1 tower up with a gold advantage of about 1.5k. Karthus is dominating Swain in lane right now for Dignitas, and so is Dignitas' bot lane. If Karthus and Sivir can keep up this farm advantage, they could both scale really well into the late game.

Update (17:00): Dignitas is making up ground, taking a tower and following up with a few champion kills and a free dragon. Gold advantage now goes to Dignitas, with 2k more gold than aAa.

Update (19:30): Dignitas takes another team fight 3:1, and goes for baron. Shaco tries to steal but fails. Dignitas now has a clear advantage, with a 29k to 24k gold advantage. Still a close enough game for aAa to make a comeback.

Update (27:00): aAa somehow manages to hold with 3 inhibitors down, killing 3 champs to 2. Dignitas takes another Baron. Very unlikely aAa can come back at this point, although Vayne is getting a lot of free farm

Update (28:30): Dignitas takes the game with a final push. There is now a chance for either a 3-way 2-1 tie, or a 3-way 1-2 tie for second. Let's hope one of those scenarios plays out for more games!

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