Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kings of Europe Finals: m5 vs. CLG.eu

The final two remaining teams in the Kings of Europe LoL tournament face off today, for what is sure to be a close and exciting match.

CLG.eu, the much-hyped counterpart to the prominent North American team, would be the first team to take out m5 in a large tournament if they were to win. m5 will look to retain their recent dominance, brought about by their aggressive counter-jungling strategy.

We will be live blogging the entire match, so click "read more" for live updates!

Game 1 Picks

CLG.eu                 m5
Sivir                      Shyvana
Maokai                 Sona
Soraka                 Miss Fortune
Anivia                   Dr. Mundo
Irelia                     Galio              

Update (4:00): CLG wards their bottom blue-side jungle early, catching Mundo as he tries to counterjungle Snoopeh's red. Anivia comes down and lands the stun, allowing CLG to take first blood on Mundo.

Update (9:00): CLG and m5 skirmish 3v3 at CLG.eu's blue buff, they trade kills with m5 forcing to fall back a bit with low health. m5 went back to try and steal the last hit on blue, but Froggen landed an amazing Anivia stun to take out Mundo and take blue as well. The kill count is 4-1 favoring CLG.

Update (15:00): CLG wins another teamfight at their blue, this time 2 kills to none. It seems like CLG had a strategy ready to counter m5. Sadly, Mundo isn't doing so great right now, although he has been a fast jungler at least.

Update (25:30): CLG wins a teamfight at dragon 4 kills to none, with m5 missing a lot of their AoE ults. Sona's ulti only hit one champ, while Galio's landed right as he was dying. CLG takes their second dragon, raising their gold lead to 36.7k to 32.7k.

Update (29:00): CLG picks off a few more kills and goes immediately for Baron, picking it up largely uncontested. Kill count is now 15:1 for CLG.eu, with m5 calling gg's (but failing a surrender vote 3:2). Looking like CLG.eu will take game 1!

Game 2 Picks

CLG.eu                 m5
Gangplank            Sona
Kog'Maw              Urgot
Janna                   Lee Sin
Rammus              Twisted Fate
Ahri                     Shyvana

Update (4:00): Snoopeh's Rammus hits middle for a gank on Twisted Fate. Alex tries to run, and manages to stun Rammus next to tower, but dies in the process. Rammus took some damage but gets away safely. First blood for CLG.eu

Update (7:30): Ahri kills Twisted Fate once again, getting the kill pretty easily before Lee Sin comes in. However, Lee Sin doesn't have enough damage to kill Ahri, and has to start running when Rammus comes in. He isn't able to quite get away though, allowing CLG to pick up a second unanswered kill. CLG is now ahead in kills 5:1.

Update (11:00): Snoopeh ganks for a successful kill once again, this time at bottom lane. m5 was planning on attempting dragon, but with one man down they are forced to back off. CLG takes dragon and is now up in gold, 16.5k to 14k. Alex is getting shut down by Ahri in middle.

Update (18:00): m5 forced CLG to initiate them at dragon by pulling it out, and proceeded to land a perfect Sona ult, dealing early damage. CLG did too much chasing in the fight, putting Kog'Maw out of position, with Twisted Fate killing Kog'Maw and returning to the fight. m5 wins the fight and kills dragon, closing the gold advantage to only 26k to 27.5k.

Update (24:00): CLG initiates a gank on Shyvana, but Shyvana jumps on Janna and gets help from the rest of his team. The gank turns into a bit of a teamfight, with m5 taking two kills to one. m5 takes dragon, and the gold is effectively even now. This will be a great comeback by m5 if they manage to pull this one out.

Update (28:00): m5 is looking invincible in teamfights, picking up an unanswered kill and following up with middle tower. m5 heads to baron, taking it and killing Rammus as Snoopeh tries to flash in and get the steal. The game is turning quickly into m5's favor.

Update (34:00): m5 takes another teamfight, 3 kills to 1. CLG focused Urgot the whole game, who unfortunately for CLG built extremely tanky. m5 gets middle inhib tower, and is pulling far ahead in this game. CLG.eu is going to have to change something up in a teamfight.

Update (37:30): m5 takes Baron, effectively wiping CLG as they try to steal it. Kog'Maw keeps getting caught in the middle of m5, dying too early to do much damage.

Update (40:00): m5 wins a teamfight at bottom tower without losing a man, proceeding to take out the inhibitor and eventually the nexus to take the game. We go to game 3 with everything on the line!

Game 3 Picks

CLG.eu                  m5
Sivir                       Lee Sin
Taric                      Sona
Maokai                  Kennen
Riven                     Gangplank
Cassiopeia             Karthus

Update (7:00): Snoopeh goes top to gank Gangplank after a failed attempt on Riven by Lee Sin. Gangplank attempts to ult and run out, but WickD chases with flash and manages to get the kill, securing first blood for CLG.eu.

Update (9:30): Dar1en's Gangplank gets caught trying to ward CLG's blue by Froggen, who manages to chase him with poison and pick up the kill. Gangplank is starting to fall behind in top lane now, which is the opposite of what happened last game with his carry Shyvana.

Update (11:30): CLG is showing some brilliant dynamic play, swapping Cass and Riven's lane in order to take advantage of Gangplank's commitment to armor rather than magic resist. Froggen completely bursts down GP for an easy kill, and CLG continues to pull away in the early game.

Update (13:30): m5 starts their attempt at a comeback, picking up a double kill at bottom lane with a good combination of Kennen and Karthus ults. The gold advantage is only 700 for CLG. As I type this, CLG wins a skirmish at top lane, killing Lee Sin and managing to dive Gangplank, getting the 4th kill on him. CLG transitions to taking a free dragon.

Update (22:00): The two teams just had an amazing teamfight at dragon, taking one kill each and backing off with barely any HP left on any champ. CLG retained its support however, causing m5 to back off early because of the healing disadvantage. Dragon wasn't taken by anyone. As I type this, the teams effectively call a rematch at Dragon. Alex's Karthus dies early, and CLG jumps on Gangplank, killing him and transitioning to a messy Dragon kill, but a kill nonetheless. CLG now has a 35k to 30k gold lead.\

Update (27:00): Interesting trade just happened. CLG jumped on Ganja's Kennen on the right side of the map, getting a free kill. m5 started Baron right when this was happening. CLG decided to continue pushing right side, taking out the bottom inhibitor as m5 got Baron.

Update (33:00): This game is still incredibly close, with m5 barely taking a teamfight 2 kills to one at their bottom inhibitor. However, CLG was able to take out the inhibitor once again, keeping the pressure on m5's base. m5 heads to Baron, taking it out incredibly quickly while CLG had 2 down. The gold is now very close, with CLG up 2k but m5 with the Baron buff.

Update (41:00): The game is essentially stalemated at this point, with the gold completely even between the two teams. It's going to come down to who can initiate best. Baron has just spawned, so we may seen this game change dramatically soon.

Update (45:00): CLG.eu just wiped m5 4 kills to none at Baron, with Sivir doing an amazing job dodging and shielding m5's focus. CLG made the right decision to skip Baron, and went to m5 and ended it just in  time. CLG.eu is our Kings of Europe LoL champion!

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