Sunday, January 22, 2012

IEM Kiev Finals: TSM vs. M5 Game 3

Here are the picks.

Moscow Five                TSM
Sona                             Lee Sin
Mordekaiser                 Karthus
Kennen                         Alistar
Shyvana                        Sivir
Skarner                         Irelia

Irelia vs. Shyvana in top lane again, as it was in game one. We have some interesting differences from that game however, with Ali able to keep Shyvana off of TSM's carries and Karthus always godlike if it gets to late game and he gets farmed.

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Update (2:00): TheOddOne takes M5's red; TSM's jungle remains in tact. Skarner falling a bit behind in jungle.

Update (3:45): M5 tries just a little too hard to equalize jungle to get TSM's red, with TheOddOne picking up first blood for one kill for TSM to 0 for M5. Irelia has been free farming top while Shyv has been running around the jungle. The one downside for TSM right now is that they're getting dominated in bottom lane by AD Kennen/Sona.

Update (10:00): Lee Sin gets caught by dragon, getting killed and giving M5 a free dragon. M5 at a slight 1k gold lead.

Update (17:00): M5 gets another dragon and has a 4k gold lead. Starting to look like M5 is pulling away a bit, TSM needs to get a big team fight or something to turn this game around before that gold lead starts to snowball.

Update (23:00): M5 wipes TSM at Baron and takes it for free. Once again Sivir wasn't there. Don't know why TSM keeps fighting without their AD carry.

Update (28:00): M5 takes it. Their teamplay this entire tournament has been impeccable. Still scratching my head as to why TSM didn't ban Shyvana, or why they initiated at Baron without Sivir, but TSM played it to a great finals nonetheless, completely destroying M5 in the second game and showing that the Russians aren't invincible. Congratulations to M5, see you at Hanover!

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