Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IP Price reductions on LoL Champions

While League of Legends players such as ourselves are used to RP sale promotions from time to time, IP price reductions are more of a rarity.

Today, however, Riot Games announced that not just one but two champions are having their IP prices reduced. These changes will allow for significant savings, as they are both from 6300 to 4800. All of us League of Legends players just got an added incentive to check out Irelia and Miss Fortune.

Champion 1: Irelia

Previous price: 6300 IP
Current permanent price: 4800 IP

  • Irelia is a great champion that sees high-level play frequently. This reduction provides a great opportunity for any solo-top fans to finally grab her as part of their arsenal. 
Champion 2: Miss Fortune

Previous price: 6300 IP
Current permanent price: 4800 IP
  • While not one of the most frequently-used AD carries, Miss Fortune has tons of potential, as has been demonstrated time and again on Chaox's League of Legends stream. A great pickup for experienced AD carries who previously didn't have the IP to buy her.

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