Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fiora Patch: Gameplay Changes

Riot has just given out more details on what we can expect in the next patch. In addition to getting Fiora, we'll be getting some significant changes to a few champions.


  • Lucent Singularity: Base cooldown increased, but cooldown will start to refresh upon spellcast, rather than after spell is activated.
  • Lucent Singularity and ultimate now both give vision during cast.
  • Undertow: Base damage and AD ratio increased, now scales off of bonus damage. Cooldown is being reduced.
  • Ragnarok: Now gives bonus armor and magic resist, damage reduction removed.
  • Hexplosive Minefield: Mana cost, slow duration per mine, and damage per mine are all being decreased.
  • Regeneration Sigils will now restore mana as well as HP. 
My Thoughts

Lux: Although the benefit of immediately activating Lucent Singularity for DPS has been decreased, these changes allow her to leave the skill up as a slowing and revealing mechanism without being punished by the spell's cooldown. She also gains some slight benefit with the additional reveal on Lucent Singularity and her ultimate. Whether this patch is a net buff or not depends on if you play Lux in a utility role or if you were relying on Lucent Singularity for instant and sustained dps. 

Olaf: Bonus HP will now be a more effective build due to the extra damage mitigation he recieves from his ultimate. This in turn will help Vicious Strikes scale better. Olaf should also trade better in lane now, as Undertow will cooldown faster even when he can't reach his axe to retrieve it. This patch seems like a decent buff for Olaf. 

Ziggs: Ziggs will now be able to retain mana slightly better, which he needed, but the damage and slow duration nerfs point to an obvious choice on Riot's part to balance out the burst damage and utility portions of this ability. This change should help Ziggs keep opponents zoned while retaining mana for other abilities, but it will also result in a less threatening ability combo for dealing direct damage. It remains to be seen how much this nerf will effect Ziggs players.

Jungle: This is a change I think we all wanted to see, as it now opens up multiple jungle paths to champions who were previously restrained to taking blue early, such as Amumu or Fiddlesticks. Players will now be able to be more creative with their jungle routes, keeping opponents guessing and allowing for more dynamic early game play. 

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