Saturday, February 25, 2012

IP Bargains - Ryze and Sivir

Today we're starting a new featured article series, IP Bargains, in which we feature two champions 1350 IP or under who can face up to the 6300's any day of the week. This segment is meant for players who are either just starting or who don't play enough to be able to afford the more expensive counterparts to our featured champions. Today, we'll be featuring Ryze and Sivir.

1. Ryze- 450 IP


  • Lots of survivability - good for new players with few runes and masteries
  • Carries games
  • Easy to play
Ryze should be one of the first buys for any player. At 450 IP, Ryze will get you plenty of wins, arguably more effective at carrying games than most champions far more expensive than him. Considered a solo-mid AP bruiser, Ryze is one of the best champions for newer players to practice playing AP carry.

Played by top ladder players such as Alex Ich, Bigfatlp and TeddyRO, Ryze has lasting value, allowing you to stick with him as one of your only APs without losing effectiveness as a ranked player. 


 2. Sivir - 450 IP                         

  • Lots of early game damage
  • Shield and movement speed add to survivability
  • High-end AD carry
Sivir is a mainstay in high-ranked ladder and tournament games. While she takes a bit more skill to play than many AD carries, her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet will allow you to trade well with your opponent's lane, giving you breathing room to maintain an early advantage.

Sivir's ability to safely farm from a distance will allow you to build up an impressive array of items, setting you up as one of the best late-game carries. Against unsuspecting players, Sivir can even score early kills with the help of her high-damage Q and her passive, which increases movement speed upon every successful attack against an enemy champion. 

Sivir is an exceptional hero for her cost. Matched in lane against a champion such as Vayne, worth 6300 IP, Sivir will win nearly every time, due to her impressive long-ranged harassment utility. Sivir is a great general pick in both normal and ranked games. Because she is useful in nearly any team composition, Sivir is well worth the investment of 450 IP.