Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Champion Review: Nautilus

Today we are reviewing the newest addition to Riot's champion lineup: Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

Class: Solo Top / Jungle
Role: Tank, Ganking Jungle, Crowd Control
Staggering Blow (Passive): Initial basic attack immobilizes enemy champion and deals bonus damage. Effect can only trigger once every few seconds per champion. 

Dredge Line (Q): Line skillshot. If it hits a champion, Nautilus pulls the champion towards him, moving forward to meet the target halfway. If it hits terrain, Nautilus is pulled forward to the area it hits.

Titan's Wrath (W): Temporarily shield incoming damage. During the duration of shield, Nautilus' attacks apply an AoE damage over time effect. Damage shielded scales with Nautilus' bonus HP.

Riptide (E): Sends a wave of explosions out around Nautilus in a circle. Each time an enemy is hit by the shockwave, they take damage and are slowed. Champions running away Nautilus may be hit more than once if they are in the path of the explosion. 

Depth Charge (R): Fires a shockwave into the ground that follows target champion, damaging and knocking up enemies in the path of the shockwave. The ability tracks its target, damaging and knocking up target champion upon impact. 

Nautilus' strength resides in his ability to control teamfights and manipulate ganking situations with his multiple crowd control abilities. His Q is one of the better initiators, as it is almost impossible to miss compared to most skillshots. Even when his Q misses a champion, it still works as a significant distance closer by pulling Nautilus towards his target.

Whether playing solo top or in the jungle, Nautilus seems meant to be a tanky, utility-focused crowd-control bot. He moves and attacks slowly, with low ap ratios (ap does not seem to be very viable on him) and no significant damage scaling on his abilities. His shield provides additional incentive to build as a utility tank, as it benefits from bonus health. Because of this, it seems best to build Nautilus gp10 items -> tank auras such as Shurelya's. 

If you like to be hard to kill, and enjoy toying with enemy carries with lots of cc, Nautilus is a fun and somewhat viable option. He is extremely limited in his ability to build as a bruiser and deal direct damage, but his Q, W, and Ultimate synergize well in teamfights against most team compositions. The challenge, however, is getting farmed enough to be effective in the late game. Because Nautilus has low sustain, it can be hard to farm with him early in the game. Nautilus' mediocre jungle clearing make him reliant on ganks, therefore requiring exceptional teamwork to make full use of his kit. 

Damage: 4/10
Ganking: 9/10
Crowd Control: 10/10
Jungling Speed: 6/10
Counterjungle: 4/10

Jungle Rating: 33/50

Solo Top
Damage: 4/10
Sustain: 5/10
Tankiness: 9/10
Crowd Control: 10/10
Initiate: 8/10

Solo Top Rating: 36/50

Riot's Nautilus Champion Spotlight: 

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