Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go4LoL #78 - Full Coverage

Today we're covering the 78th Go4LoL cup on Europe West. Games are just starting in round 1 as we speak. We'll be focusing on TSM's games in the early rounds and we'll transition to covering some other teams later in the day!

You can check out the full tournament bracket here.

Stay tuned for live updates as we go through the tournament round by round!

Round 1: TSM vs. WLIIA

TSM was able to turn this game into a pretty straight-up stomp, taking an 8-1 kill lead early and using the advantage to methodically push their opponents back to their base turrets. A 21 minute Baron allowed TSM to make the final push, winning at the 25 minute mark. TSM now goes on to play dLgaming in the second round.

Round 2: TSM vs. dLgaming

dLgaming kept this game close from the start, opening the game only one kill down to TSM with a 4-3 score. Chaox and Xspecial started top and were actually forced to switch to bot lane. Once teamfights started, TSM was able to pull ahead to a substantial lead, taking a 4-to-1 tower advantage. After a brief stall around the 25 minute mark, TSM was able to win a big fight at dragon and push to solidify the win.

Notable teams still in the tourney: TSM, Fnatic, 4Kings, Mouz, gamed!, ieS, Winfact, ATN.LoL

Round 3: TSM vs. oG dF

TSM went down early to a kill deficit of 6-16. They managed to even it up a bit at 10-16, but subsequently lost baron and a few critical fights, pushing them back to their inhibitors. They were unable to make anything big happen after that, and will now be out of today's tournament.

UPDATE: Since the team we were following was knocked out early, we'll resume coverage with the later rounds of the tournaments, so we can be sure we get you all the results. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (4:18 PM EST): We are down to 6 teams, With WinFact waiting in the Ro4 for the winner of  gamed! and rYo!; and consurgo and Mouz facing off to make it to the other side of the bracket to play KRYZYS.

UPDATE (6:17 PM EST): We're finally down to our last 2 teams - The Russian team, Mouz, and the international team, WinFact. Still not sure on when the matches will be played but will update as soon as I get more information.

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